Albedo Metamorphosis Signature Monocrystal Interconnects 

I have lived with many high-end audio cables for years. However, for now, I am convinced the Albedo cables are the best I’ve experienced thus far. The audio signal freely travels as if transmitted in thin air, without constriction or resistance. These incredibly neutral cables allow you to hear exactly what your system provides. In other words, they get out of the way and enable you to listen to what’s up and downstream. Cost to performance: none I have owned before them performed better, and that’s a very bold statement to make. I am convinced the Albedo will be the last audio cable I will ever need (tongue in cheek). They are just that good; I cannot imagine anything better, especially at this price. The Albedo cables have mesmerized me with a performance that no previous cable has. Yes, the Albedo cables are expensive; however, sometimes, you get the sound you pay for in this world. 

Moreno Mitchell

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