Albedo Metamorphosis Signature Monocrystal Interconnects  I have lived with many high-end audio cables for years. However, for now, I am convinced the Albedo cables are the best I’ve experienced thus far. The audio signal freely travels as if transmitted in thin air, without constricti

“Wciąż byłem bardzo podekscytowany, gdy usłyszałem  Flat One. Niesamowite, ponieważ ma gładkość wdzięku  przewodu miedzianego, a zarazem istnieje przezroczystość srebrnego przewodnika i jednoczesne połączenie każdego pasma częstotliwości .Jest to tak naturalne

We are proud to announce that the latest product from the reference Matamorphosis series, SIGNATURE version signal cables, is now available in our offer. It is an extension of the basic design of this model, we have increased the number of cables by more than 30%, we have added new geometries